Artist Statement

With a background in Chinese landscape painting and graphic design, as well as computer graphics, my creative practice in recent years has been mostly in the fields of experimental animation and video art. While western culture and contemporary art has helped shape new perspectives and explorations of ideas and media, I continue to feel rooted in a spiritual inner place nourished by my native culture, values, and cosmological outlook. As a result, I am motivated to produce work that is contemplative and quieting to the mind. In animation, I create visual sequences as a subjective and emotional response to music, seeking a poetic audiovisual reality. In video art, I strive to recognize, accept, and evoke the state of pure consciousness. Landscape remains my primary subject – its embodiment of the permanence/impermanence of all things. I have gained a particular interest in the way of water. Following the path of a raindrop, and cycles of rising/reseeding tides, the rhythm of nature and flow of time becomes one with my own existence.